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The national park comprises some of the largest beech forests of the Eastern Carpathians. They are outstanding examples of natural virgin beech forests that have not been exploited in the past. These are predominantly pure beech forests with trees up to 300 years old and with beech-spruce forests. Nine endemic plant species grow here, among them Carpathian knapweed and Carpathian buttercup. Due to the area size and site integrity, the wildlife composition here remains authentic. The expansion of beech to the mountains can be seen as an example of the ongoing ecological process resulting from climate change.


  • UNESCO recognition: 2017
  • Protected area: Synevyr National Nature Park
  • Beech forest region: Carpathian
  • Area: 2,865.04 ha
  • Number of component parts: 4
  • Altitudinal range: submontane to high montane (800 – 1,675 m above sea level)
  • Fauna: Brown bear, Wolf, Lynx, Bechstein’s bat, Alpine longhorn beetle
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