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Beech Forests in Romania

The beech forests in Romania are located entirely in the Carpathian Beech Forest Region. It harbours the largest occurrence of beech forests in Europe and is therefore often referred to as the Land of the Beech.

In the Romanian Carpathians, there are still a large number of primeval beech forests. With a size of about 23,000 hectares, Romania hosts the second largest proportion of ancient and primeval beech forests within the serial World Heritage property.

Ancient Beech Forests in Romania

Several of the Romanian beech forests are included in the World Heritage List: Cheile Nerei-Beușnița is one of the largest remaining primeval forests in Europe. Codrul Secular Șinca is home to a remarkable number of trees older than 350 to 400 years, and to the tallest beech in Europe (55.1 m). Codrul Secular Slătioara is a property with mixed forests (beech, spruce, and European silver fir), similar to those that once covered much of the country. In Cozia, with beech as the dominant species, the presence of pure sessile oak is striking. In Domogled Valea Cernei the forests extend into the sub-alpine area. Groșii Țibleșului is completely covered with beech forest and is located in the northern part of the Romanian Carpathians. In Izvoarele Nerei, many trees older than 350 years can be found, with a maximum age of 477 years. Strâmbu Băiuț is comprised entirely of beech forests and represents one of the most unique primeval forests in the Romanian Carpathians.