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Hayedos de Ayllón

These are the best near-natural beech forests in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula, on the south-western boundary of the European beech forests. Here, rocky peaks and steep, V-shaped valleys characterise the landscape. Heathlands testify to the earlier influences of man. Pine stands are gradually superseded by beech forest again. Oak woods with Pyrenean oak, on the other hand, are typical of the landscape. In extreme locations, the physiological and genetic adaptation of the beech to drought and climate change is investigated.


  • UNESCO recognition: 2017
  • Protected area: Nature Park, Sierra del Rincón Biosphere Reserve
  • Beech forest region: Pyrenaic-Iberian
  • Area: 327.32 ha
  • Number of component parts: 2
  • Altitudinal range: montane to sub-alpine (1,300 – 2,011 m above sea level)
  • Fauna: Wolf, Eurasian otter, Golden eagle, Short-toed snake eagle

Hayedos de Ayllón – Montejo
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Hayedos de Ayllón - Tejera Negra
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