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Stuzhytsia-Uzhok is the oldest European beech reserve (1908). It is only here that the well-documented dwarf beech forests can be observed (over 55 hectares). The park encompasses Professor Zlatnik’s old monitoring areas (from 1937). This area borders protected forests in Poland and the Slovak Republic.


  • UNESCO recognition: 2007
  • Protected area: Nature Park, Natural Forest Reserve
  • Beech forest region: Carpathian
  • Area: 2,532 ha
  • Number of component parts: 1
  • Altitudinal range: montane to high montane
  • Fauna: European bison, Elk, Wolf, Brown bear, Lynx, European wildcat

7, Nezalezhnosti Street,
Velykyy Bereznyy, Zakarpattia region, 89000
Tel.: +380 3135 21037
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