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Maramarosh primeval forest became a protected area in 1907. It is the only component part on metamorphic rocks, which has formed a specific soil and vegetation cover. In this area, highly productive primeval fir-beech forests can be found (> 1,000 m3/ha). This massif directly borders the Romanian nature park “Maramures Mountains”, with which it forms a homogeneous physiographic unit.


  • UNESCO recognition: 2007
  • Protected area: Carpathian Biosphere Reserve
  • Beech forest region: Carpathian
  • Area: 2,244 ha, buffer zone 6,230 ha
  • Number of component parts: 1
  • Altitudinal range: montane to subalpine, sea level: Biosphere Reserve 600 – 1,937 m, World Heritage 720 – 1,470 m
  • Fauna: Wolf, Brown bear, Lynx, European wildcat

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Carpathian Biosphere Reserve