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Central Balkan

The equally named national park is located in the central, higher section of the Balkan Mountains. Flat ridges alternate with steep rocky slopes and deep gorges. It is the largest natural beech forest massif in Bulgaria. Due to its steep narrow mountain ridges and river valleys, it is largely unaffected of human use. The vast beech forests are interrupted by dry oak forests and European hornbeam, and by the altitudinal zonation with coniferous forest belt and alpine zone. The area has an exceptional biodiversity, with 1,700 plant species (98 of which are endemic), 2,366 species of invertebrates, and 211 vertebrate animals.


  • UNESCO recognition: 2017
  • Protected area: Central Balkan National Park
  • Beech forest region: Moesian-Balcanic
  • Area: 10,988.91 ha
  • Number of component parts: 9
  • Altitudinal range: submontane to sub-alpine (500 – 2,376 m above sea level)
  • Fauna: Brown bear, Wolf, European wildcat, Balkan chamois, Golden eagle, Bechstein’s bat, Common European adder
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Central Balkan National Park Directorate
3 Bodra smyana Str.
5300 Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Tel.: +359 66 801 277

Central Balkan