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Logo - World Heritage Beech Forests
Foto: Welterbe Buchenwälder Jasmund
Unesco - We are Europe's Wilderness - Ancient and Primeval Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe
Foto: Welterbe Buchenwälder Jasmund
Unesco - We are Europe's Wilderness - Ancient and Primeval Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe

The brand for the World Heritage Site

A brand represents the sum of all notions that a brand name evokes in us – ideally creating an image that is as positive as possible. Our brand "World Heritage Beech Forests" helps to present the joint World Heritage Site with its many component parts as a single entity.

The UNESCO logo

The official logo awarded to a World Heritage Site is a linked logo, composed of the UNESCO logo and the World Heritage Convention’s emblem (circle with a central diamond and surrounding text), as well as the official name of the World Heritage Site and the year of inscription. The UNESCO logo may only be used by the World Heritage Sites themselves.

Our brand logo

A beech leaf is the essence of our corporate design. The word/figurative mark (a signet of figure and word), commonly called logo, is composed of a stylised beech leaf and the words “World Heritage Beech Forests”.
The logo can be used by governmental and non-governmental organisations, by businesses and individuals, hospitality and tourism partners, as well as cities and municipalities, to show their support for the World Heritage Site. To begin with, it is necessary for these partners to apply for the use of the logo with the responsible World Heritage administration (National Park Authority, Biosphere Reserve Administration). The logo should be used for all projects and activities that closely relate to the World Heritage Site. The goal is to achieve a uniform presentation of and support for activities within the framework of the World Heritage objectives. All protected areas also use it in their communication – in addition to the UNESCO World Heritage logo.

The slogan

Our slogan „World Heritage Beech Forests – Europe’s Wilderness“ refers to the essence of our brand. Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests are Europe’s natural wilderness. The World Heritage family has taken on the task to protect these last remaining ancient beech forests. The addition “Europe’s Wilderness” complements our World Heritage Site’s name and explains in a nutshell, why the beech forests belong to UNESCO’s World Heritage.

Brand Messages

The messages express what is unique about our brand: that it puts a value on an ecological process, i.e. the exceptional process of the expansion of the beech since the last ice age – the migration of the beech.

1. One tree species connects all family members of the World Heritage Site: The European Beech or common beech (Fagus sylvatica).

2. The World Heritage family unites and protects the last remnants of untouched, unspoilt, ancient beech forests: Europe’s natural wilderness.

3. The European beech forests still conquer new areas, as far as humans permit. They are a World Heritage with a future. A steadily evolving Masterpiece.

The brand values

Each component part is globally unique in its composition of climate, soils, flora, and fauna. Also globally unique is the expansion history of the beech.

Europe once was wild, woody, and mysterious. The ancient and primeval beech forests of our World Heritage Site are windows in time to a world without human use – the natural state of nature. Large parts of Central Europe would look like this, if there were no humans.

The European Beech is endemic only to Europe. Our widespread joint World Heritage Site reflects the successful expansion of the beech to large parts of Europe. This requires collaboration across boundaries and illustrates the close relationship of the beech forest with European culture.

The individual properties are rather diverse. Each of them represents a particular, respectively own type of the European beech forest. Together, our World Heritage Site constitutes an impressive multi-faceted mosaic of nature.

Global Value
Once they grew everywhere, but today beech forests belong to the most endangered habitats. The Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests are of such outstanding value that their disappearance would be an irreplaceable loss to humankind and to planet Earth.
Hence they belong to the UNESCO World Heritage.