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The World Heritage of our Beech Forests tells an even greater story. The story and history of international understanding, of peaceful cooperation between nations, and of people who are passionately committed to preserving Europe's last precious beech forests across borders.

Joint Management Committee

A World Heritage Site of this magnitude, encompassing many nations and component parts, requires a joint decision-making body. In the Joint Management Committee (JMC), the 12 nations jointly decide on important matters affecting the entire World Heritage Site at least once per year.

These are, for example, the approval of extensions to the World Heritage Site, the signing and implementation of common goals (Declarations of Intent), regular reporting to UNESCO (Periodic Reporting) on the status of the World Heritage Site, as well as submissions to UNESCO regarding important problems (State of Conservation = SOC reports).  

However, the JMC also sets out guidelines for the management of the common World Heritage in order to ensure that World Heritage management complies with UNESCO requirements and that the World Heritage is preserved for future generations. Joint strategies are developed here, problems are discussed, and successes are jointly acknowledged.

The JMC also provides a platform for the exchange of information between all 12 nations of the World Heritage Site, which promotes a sense of unity. This committee is thus an example of international understanding “in action”.