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Beech Forests without borders

In this still ongoing process of expansion, the European beech does not adhere to man-made borders. Thus, the World Heritage Site transcends borders and connects Europe in equal measure.

The widespread World Heritage Site reflects the successful expansion of the beech to large parts of Europe. With 78 forest areas in 12 countries altogether, it is the only World Heritage Site globally that connects so many properties. And the European beech still conquers new areas, as far as humans permit.

It is thus a World Heritage with a future. A steadily evolving Masterpiece without borders.

This requires collaboration across boundaries and illustrates the close relationship of the beech forest with European culture.   Learn more about the impact of the beech on European culture.

Natural distribution of beech forests in Europe (green area). Today, near-natural beech forests are rare. Reduced to small areas, our World Heritage forests are found in 12 countries. (Dots)